Just a guy…

5 03 2010

New city, new life, new friends…

… He was ready for it all and each day was a new exciting discovery. But nothing in the world could prepare him for that day.

It was a day like many others since he moved, discovering a new part of this amazing city, the excitement of his first job interview, all the things lying ahead after many years of struggle. His eyes contemplating all those new faces, all those different stories…

…That’s when he saw her.
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Palavras Perdidas…

20 02 2010

Do you know why i can resist you?

It’s because i don’t want just one kiss, one night stand or to be the other one…

Since i’ve first lay eyes on you i’ve wanted everything, from the best moment to the lazy sunday afternoon

I want every moment, every whisper every heartbeat to be mine and all mine…

…so until that moment comes when you will realize that this is what you want as well, i’ll wait

…or maybe it will never come and we’ll just go on separate ways, i’ll wait

and resist the desire to rest your sweet lips upon mine

…some things sound so much better inside my head!!

Rock/Metal Operas – Criatividade ou Caca-Niqueis barato? – Parte 3

9 06 2009

E finalmente chegamos na parte final do meu mega-post, valeu ae a paciencia!!

Soulspell – A Legacy of Honor – Nota: 2

Idealizador: ?? Heleno Vale


Luiz Magri – Vocals (Fairytale (Bra), Shiva (Bra), Eyes of Shiva)
Edney Marques – Vocals (Hidden Force)
Frank Langona – Vocals
Daniel Guirado – Vocals, Bass
Fabiana Doce – Vocals, Keyboards
Juliano Grego – Guitar
Thiago Pasqualinoto – Guitar
Shirlei Escobar – Keyboards
Heleno Vale – Drums
Renato Tribuzy (TRIBUZY)
Iuri Sanson (HIBRIA)
Leandro Caçoilo (ETERNA)
Tito Falaschi (ex-SYMBOLS)
Christian Passos (WIZARDS)
Nando Fernandes (HANGAR)
Mário Linhares (ex-DARK AVENGER)
Daisa Munhoz (VANDROYA)
Maurício Del Bianco (INNERFORCE)
Tito Falaschi – Bass (SYMBOLS)
José Cardillo – Keyboards (ETERNA)
Daniel Manso – Guitars (VANDROYA)
Thiago Amendola – Guitars (AMENDOLA)
Cleiton Carvalho – Guitars
Fabiana Oliveira – Keyboards
Heleno Vale – Drums

Mais um audacioso projeto brazuca…porem eu achei fraquissimo. nao consegui chegar no fim do cd mesmo tentando.
O ponto positivo vai pras performances vocais arrazadoras, principalmente o Tito Falaschi (que na minha opinião eh um vocalista infinitamente superior ao Edu).

Porem no que diz respeito a sonoridade eu achei ela bem batidinha, sei la simplesmente nao bateu… eu prometo tentar ouvir o disco ate o fim qualquer dia pra ver se eu consigo mudar minha opiniao. Continue lendo »